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SOLIDserver Identity Manager

Enrich Your DDI Data With Identity Information

Natively integrated to Microsoft AD, Identity Manager helps overcome challenges around knowing who’s on your network.

Identity Manager Solution Key Benefits

By collecting real-time events on user sessions and additional metadata through directory synchronization and linking this information to the IPAM repository, Identity Manager provides network visibility on who is using the network and from where.

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Ease Troubleshooting and Forensic Analysis

Track which IT user is using the network resources and from which IP or device.

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Simplify IT Operational Management

Quick access to main identity information for I&O teams and ecosystem tools through API.

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Time Savings for I&O Teams

Easy location of users from their IP address through the integrated global search engine.

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User-Based Network Automation

Build automated scenarios based on user session in complement of technical assets like device name or IP address.

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Rich IP Data Lake Extended Beyond DDI

Enrich IP repository with identities and respective network sessions, in addition to devices and IP addresses.

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Standard Integration with Active Directory

Real-time synchronization with Microsoft Domain Controllers through event forwarding engine.

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DDI is no longer a network-only solution providing automation between DHCP leases, DNS records and IPAM network and IP addresses. It requires wider and open data topology including devices, applications and usage information. The purpose of the Identity Manager is to easily add to the IPAM information related to the IT infrastructure and users.

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See how SOLIDserver DDI and IPAM helps you know who’s on your network

Microsoft Active Directory is included by default with the Identity Manager product. It automatically gets information about any valid user session directly from the Domain Controller through the standard Microsoft mechanism. It also provides the ability to get additional information, known as parameters, about any identity in the Active Directory by periodically requesting the Domain Controller. This allows quick access to contact and location information about any identity linked with technical data already in the IP Address Management solution, such as the IP address of its device, the device name or the DHCP lease. The data manipulation is straightforward and requires neither any complex manipulation in the Active Directory database nor specific access rights in the Microsoft domain. This immediately brings time savings and efficiency for I&O teams.

Identity Manager Microsoft Active Directory Flowchart

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