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Why EfficientIP for DDI?
Your Success is Our Priority

Discover why choosing EfficientIP for your DDI projects is the key to success. Explore our expertise, solutions, and commitment to making your projects thrive.

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Companies We Serve

We Understand Your Challenges and Listen To Your Needs

EfficientIP SOLIDserver™ DDI is trusted by more than 1,000 customers around the world in all industries. Based on customer feedback, we have continuously innovated during the last 15 years to help organizations to modernize their network infrastructures.


We understand the deployment challenges of strategic IT initiatives enabling your digital transformation projects, as well as your requirements to simplify management and secure your networks to make sure your users can access the critical applications and services which keep your business flowing.


A Leading Vendor of Choice for DNS, DHCP and IPAM collectively known as DDI

We offer more than solutions; we believe in long-term relationships based on trust, listening to our customers, and commitment to delivering the best possible technology with the highest quality of services. We focus all our efforts on making your projects a success.


 Customers in all Industries


Customer Satisfaction



World’s Fastest Growing DDI Vendor


Proven Efficiency Gains

“SOLIDserver has been the best solution I have worked with in a very long time.”

Randall L. Kline

Senior Systems Integration Specialist, Boeing

“As a project manager, I can’t speak highly enough of the team that helped us make the transition, they were excellent. They delivered everything to the schedule and timescale that were set."

Kevin Waller

Implementation Team Manager, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

“The high quality of EfficientIP support services is a key asset of the company. Their reactivity, expertise and commitment have been to our constant satisfaction for more than 10 years”

Thomas Fischer

Network Tools & Systems Support Manager, Orange

How We Help Your IT Projects Succeed

Our unique all-in-one technology helps organizations simplify and accelerate their strategic IT initiatives by automating the life-cycle management of apps and infrastructure, steering application traffic, and securing the network from the ground up. No other vendor offers you the full range of features and level of simplicity that we provide.

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Unique Features to Make Your Life Easier

Our innovative solutions are designed to help you overcome challenges around network management complexity, inadequate enterprise network security, and weak resilience. Customers choose our offerings to improve efficiency, lower costs and reduce risks.

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Simpler Architecture, Faster Deployment, Easier Management of Your Network

All-in-one technology encompassing DDI, DNS security, and application traffic management reduces your number of servers and lowers your TCO.

A unified and consistent GUI lets you see and search across all products, taking away the complexity of managing your network.

Threat Intelligence Blast
Market-leading Performance for Maximizing Your DDoS Protection and Business Growth

With the world’s fastest DNS solution - up to 17M DNS QPS - you protect your network against volumetric attacks. From a single platform, you can manage millions of IPs and over a thousand DNS and DHCP servers, to scale your business and maximize your ROI.

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Patented DNS Security Technology to Keep Your Business Up and Running

Protect better your data, users, and service continuity with our unique DNS security solution. It combines threat intelligence and real-time behavioral attack detection, enabling client-based domain filtering and adaptive countermeasures to help your SOC remediate threats more easily.

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Broader Data Visibility to Give You More Control Over Your Network

To widen your visibility beyond just DDI resources and help you better manage your network, our IPAM data inventory incorporates information on users, apps & devices.


Actionable metadata and rich data relations between objects offer you more powerful ecosystem integration, enabling unique advanced process orchestration.

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Flexibility and Advanced Network Automation to Save You Time, and Enforce Your Policies

Instantly adapt the GUI, dashboards, and reports to your specific user profile. Custom templates of DDI resources streamline your configurations, normalize data qualification, and enforce policies. Easily standardizable repeatable processes to scale within network operations, and improve your quality assurance and management efficiency by up to 80%.

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Smarter App Traffic Steering to Ensure Optimal User Experience

Optimized application delivery performance with the world’s first Edge DNS GSLB solution, bringing you enhanced user experience, strengthened resiliency and DRP, and assured app availability.

Ecosystem Integration

EfficientIP has developed open APIs and plugins enabling alliances with industry-leading companies.

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Simplify & Secure Your Network

When our goal is to help companies face the challenges of modern infrastructures and digital transformation, actions speak louder than words.

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