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Technical Account Management Service

Boost your customer experience with dedicated TAM service to optimize the speed of communication
on critical environment changes in order to rapidly address any challenges.


Service Description

EfficientIP Technical Account Management Service provides you with a designated representative and advocate for your organization inside EfficientIP, the Technical Account Manager (TAM). The TAM will facilitate priority resolution of service issues and keep information flowing, developing a symbiotic relationship between your organization and EfficientIP.


Acting as a customer advocate within EfficientIP, the TAM will relay and push your requirements to appropriate persons internally. The TAM coordinates internal resources as required to speed up, secure and enhance all EfficientIP service-related activities ensuring the proper handling and attention is provided.

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Customer Profile

All EfficientIP customers are eligible to benefit from the Technical Account Management Service. The four levels (Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond) of this one year subscription service will fit with any company seeking:

  • Regular feedback on operational activities (e.g support activity, bug fix, services contract status)

  • Escalation management in addition to normal escalation process.

  • Proactive communication and access to Subject Matters Experts (SMEs)

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Key Benefits of the TAM Service

Understand the key reasons for taking up the TAM service.

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Single Point of Contact

Ease and accelerate communication between you and the EfficientIP team.

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Customer Environment Awareness

Knowledge of customer environment, deployed solutions, technical challenges, and business objectives.

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Regular Review and Communication

Conducts and coordinates communications, reviews and access between the organizations to achieve mutually agreed business objectives.

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Save Time

Adjust case priority, proactively follow-up on cases and coordinate internal resources and Subject matter experts (SMEs) to accelerate case resolution.

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Customer Advocacy

Influence and advocate customer needs within EfficientIP.

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Optimizing Solution Usage

Share best practices and recommendations, and improvement to maximize solution value from EfficientIP customers.

Technical Account Management Service: Features Comparison

Service benefitsStandard SupportTAM SilverTAM GoldTAM PlatinumTAM Diamond
Single point of contactNoDesignated ContactDesignated ContactDesignated ContactDesignated Contact
Incident case managementYesYesYesYesYes
Customer environment awarenessNoYesYesYesYes
Customer advocacyNoYesYesYesYes
Support Case and Bug Fix reviewNoQuarterlyMonthlyWeeklyWeekly
Faster access to EIP Subject Matter ExpertsNoYesYesYesYes Direct Access
TAM Service Review and CommunicationsNoNoQuarterlyQuarterly Onsite
(Requires T&E)
Quarterly Onsite
(Requires T&E)
Customer technical awareness, Best Practice sharingNoNoYesYesYes
Customer Feature Enhancement DemandNoNoNoYesYes
Member of EfficientIP Technology Advisory Board (TAB)NoNoNoYes
(2 seats reserved)
(2 seats reserved)
Software Health CheckNoNoNoAnnualAnnual
Early Access to SOLIDserver beta releaseNoNoNoNoYes
Acces to DDI OC & DNS ICNoNoNoNoTrial access for 6 months
Faster access to EIP Professional ServicesNoVia Flex credit
(not included)
Via Flex credit
(not included)
Via Flex credit
(not included)
5 Flex credits included
Faster access to EIP TrainingNoVia Flex credit
(not included)
Via Flex credit
(not included)
Via Flex credit
(not included)
1-year Training subscription for 2 people included

For More Information

For questions or to learn more about the EfficientIP Technical Account Management Service, we’re here for you.

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