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About EfficientIP

Make networking simple and secure everywhere.
Deliver the best user experience at all times.

DNS, DHCP, and IPAM, collectively known as DDI Technology:
Enhancing Network Automation and DNS Security

Who We Are

EfficientIP is a network security and automation company, specializing in DNS, DHCP and IPAM, collectively known as DDI Technology. We promote business continuity by making your IP infrastructure foundation reliable, agile and secure.


Since 2004, we have continued to expand our reach internationally, providing solutions, professional services, and support all over the world with the help of select business partners. Our passionate teams have delivered successful projects to over 1,000 customers globally and ensured operational efficiency through dedicated customer care.

Ddi Technology

What We Do

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Our goal is to enable secure and dynamic IP communication between users and apps/services. We achieve this by:

  • Securing DNS services to protect users, apps, and, data and ensure service continuity.
  • Simplifying life-cycle management of DDI resources, via smart automation, cross-platform visibility, and policy control from a single pane of glass.
  • Intelligently steering application traffic for optimum performance and resiliency of IT services,

Companies rely on us to help control the risks and reduce the complexity of challenges they face with modern key IT initiatives such as cloud applications, virtualization, mobility, Zero Trust security, SD-WAN, or SDN and make digital transformation projects successful.

Companies We Serve

Innovation We Bring

EfficientIP is committed to thinking differently about the DDI industry- innovation is in our DNA. Our goal is to create value and efficiency for our customers through heightened security, advanced automation, and greater simplicity. We have launched unique features like network reconciliation management, which have today become market best practice standards.


We invented the advanced SmartArchitecture™ concept, which upgraded the management of multi-vendor DNS and DHCP from the service level to the architecture level. Our SOLIDserver™ suite of hardware and virtual appliances delivers DNS security solutions, VLAN/VxLAN/VRF, and IP address management, as well as rock-solid DNS and DHCP servers.


EfficientIP is the world's first DDI vendor to have released patented and award-winning innovation features to secure against threats to the DNS infrastructure:

  • Hybrid DNS Engine, which provides 2 different DNS technologies to mitigate zero-day vulnerability and eliminate single point of failure
  • DNS Blast, the world's fastest DNS server, a patented application that can absorb up to 17 million DNS queries per second to absorb DNS DDoS attacks
  • DNS Guardian, the only DDI market solution providing adaptive DNS security to ensure 100% continuity of DNS services and protect against data exfiltration
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