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Network & Cloud Orchestration

Integrating DDI to orchestrators brings zero touch operations for network management and security.

Overcoming Slow Time To Market, Low Productivity and Spiraling Costs

End-to-end IT management automation has become key for a successful cloud strategy shift. In this context, DDI (DNS, DHCP, IP address management) and network automation solutions have a major role to play for ensuring global visibility, unified resource management and process automation. DDI is the first step of your automation journey.

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SOLIDserver DDI appliance suite can be seamlessly integrated with leading Orchestrators to automate provisioning workflow (VMware vRealize, Hashicorp Terraform). Flexible adapters and APIs enable purpose-built and intelligent sub-orchestration processes with existing orchestration platforms. SOLIDserver DDI brings centralized visibility and greater level of automation in multi-cloud environments for provisioning and deprovisioning of IP, DNS and DHCP services, thus ensuring fast and easy deployments according to specific management policies.


Configuration managers (Ansible, Chef, Puppet) can ensure dynamic interaction with DDI resources, enabling agile and streamlined model-driven infrastructure deployments.

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Integrating DDI to orchestration processes brings network and cloud automation capability for DevOps, NetOps, and SecOps processes. SDN, SD-WAN, and VM deployments are simplified and accelerated. On the security orchestration side, security rules such as those used for firewalls are kept accurate, and remediation efficiency is enhanced for SOCs and SOAR platforms. Your organization is put well and truly on the path to Zero Touch operations.

Secure & Accelerate Rollout of Your Apps & Services with automated DDI Video

Unleash the power of network efficiency! Discover how to secure and expedite the rollout of your applications and services using Automated DDI (DNS-DHCP-IPAM) technology. In this insightful video, we explore transformative strategies to safeguard and accelerate your deployment processes and automate life-cycle management of VM resources by integrating DDI to orchestration processes.

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Benefits of DDI for Network and Cloud Orchestration

Leveraging SOLIDserver DDI for orchestration of networks and public and private clouds brings many benefits:

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Enable Zero-Touch Networks

Connect DDI with IT management systems for automated policy-driven operations.

Threat Intelligence Cost
Reduced Operational Costs

Advanced DDI automation and orchestration of management tasks and workflow processes

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Global Visibility and Control

Unified view of physical and virtual resources and attributes across multiple cloud platforms

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Improved Resiliency and Scalability

Error-free configuration, consistency control, and high-availability of DDI services

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Strengthened Security

Rules automatically updated across security components such as firewalls

Optimizing Efficiency: Streamlining VM Deployments with Automated DDI for Reduced Time and Costs Video

Embark on an IT adventure with Meg & Tom in this engaging episode! Join us as we delve into the world of end-to-end automation by linking DDI (DNS-DHCP-IPAM) to the deployment of virtual machines (VMs). Discover how this dynamic integration streamlines the entire provisioning process, significantly reducing time and costs associated with VM deployments.

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