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DDI for IoT

Automate management, unify control and strengthen security of connected devices.

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Coping with Scale and IP Transformation

As millions of IoT devices come online driven by 5G, Telco, utility companies, and other businesses are migrating to IP networks. Manual efforts that address IoT device management simply won’t scale and are dogged by errors, duplication, and amplified security risks. Solutions for efficiently managing IP addresses must be implemented to prevent network teams from becoming overwhelmed by manual tasks, to make efficient use of network resources, and, importantly, to preserve the security of the network itself. To cope effectively with IoT, automation using DNS-DHCP-IP Address Management (DDI) has therefore become vital.

Large Network of Iot Devices

DDI automation & policy-enforced provisioning/deprovisioning accelerates time to market for IoT projects. It eliminates misconfigurations, and enhances security. Global visibility across all networks from a single pane of glass helps IoT device management and control, and is the first point of detection for security breaches including prevention of botnet activity.

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Image of an Iot Device Management Solution

EfficientIP DDI solutions go beyond assignment and automation, by enabling policy driven management. An example usage would be for smart cities, where in an IP-based street lighting roll-out the DNS naming convention would enable location of the devices to improve control and maintenance.

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Integrated DDI Solution Benefits for IoT

From time and cost savings, to augmenting IoT security, SOLIDserver DDI brings an array of benefits for highly-scalable IoT deployment and management projects.

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Simplified IoT device management

Automatic detection of devices and storage in central IPAM repository

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Proven time and cost savings

Decreasing TCO by up to 75% and management time by up to 80%.

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Enhanced network reliability & resource optimization

Error-free configurations, free up addresses no longer being used

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Strengthened IoT device security

Detect Shadow IoT, prevent IoT being used as threat vector by botnets

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Increased scalability and deployment velocity

Fast IPv4/IPv6 deployments for millions of devices through user-friendly wizard and DDI orchestration.

Key Resources

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