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VitalQIP Migration to EfficientIP Solution

Moving risk-free to EfficientIP DDI (DNS-DHCP-IPAM).

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Migration Projects By Your Peers

Now is the time to move from VitalQIP

If you are a VitalQIP customer, you’ve probably noticed that the VitalQIP solution set has evolved very little during the past few years, meaning your current DDI solution is most likely very much outdated in terms of capability, performance and security. By switching today to EfficientIP, you will enhance DDI and security functionality and enable integration with cloud solutions. On top of drastically reducing the complexity of managing your infrastructure, you will benefit from massive time and cost savings.

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Transition from VitalQIP to support your business growth

While you may be reasonably content with the IPAM functionality your VitalQIP solution offers, it is imperative with today’s complex networks to have a modern integrated DDI solution that is simple to configure, upgrade and maintain, and supports future growth. In addition, enhanced DNS security is a must-have to protect against ever more frequently occurring cyberattacks capable of inflicting severe financial damage.


EfficientIP has always been an innovative DDI company, with IPAM at its core, and a key focus on adaptive DNS security. We are constantly investing in enhancing our solution in line with rapidly-evolving technologies in order to support evolution and protection of your networks. This investment ensures sustainability, scalability and security of your infrastructure as you introduce new technologies such as cloud, virtualization, IoT and BYOD.

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EfficientIP DDI Solution Benefits

If you are a current VitalQIP customer, there are several compelling reasons for migrating to EfficientIP, just like many others have done.

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Ease of Deployment & Use
  • SmartArchitecture™: Simple, secure & flexible DNS-DHCP architectures template
  • Intuitive, unified & consistent GUI across all products
  • Single pane of glass data view & management and holistic search capability
Icon availability Scalability
Carrier-Grade Performance & Scalability
  • Number of IP addresses and managed DNS-DHCP servers
  • DNS Queries and DHCP leases per second
Icon 360
Unique 360° DNS Security Solution
  • Protect public & private Infrastructures regardless of the attack type from both internal & external threats
  • Adaptive security solution ensures DNS service continuity even when the attack sources are not identifiable
Icon automation
Greater Efficiency & Control
  • Unified management & automation: DDI-VLAN-VRF-devices & network configuration
  • Full DDI reporting and advanced charts
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Flexible & Agile
  • Streamline resource attributes & properties
  • Define & enforce corporate policies
  • Model and automate corporate processes

“We ended up selecting EfficientIP mainly due to the similarities with the current architecture we were running. We could keep our load balancers, and there was a really well outlined migration path. We also wanted robust API access for our cloud automations (AWS and Azure), and API access was important for those things. Our architecture is simplified, there are fewer servers, and less maintenance to pay since there are fewer appliances.”

Rafael Figueiredo

Network Analyst, University of Alberta

“After the last successful migration step in I would like to thank you all for the very good job which you have done. A great thanks of course to the EfficientIP project team for the excellent (as usual) support during this ‘long-term’ migration process. Thanks to your expertise, I was always optimistic during the migration night-event. Unfortunately this is not the standard in terms of other projects.”

Network Operations Manager


“The main reason we switched to EfficientIP is that there was no evolution with VitalQIP’s solution. One of our objectives was the automation of DNS and DHCP services through APIs. We wanted access to the API for integration with our cloud solutions. We also wanted to have a centralized solution for managing VLAN, IP addresses, sites, cities, and so on in day 2 operation. We had evaluated Infoblox before, but the EfficientIP solution is a more open and flexible system.”

Director, Telecommunications Infrastructure


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