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DNS Blast

Carrier-grade DNS DDoS protection to combat extreme volumetric threats

To combat business downtime risks and poor customer experience, DNS Blast offers you market-leading DNS performance

DNS Blast Solution Key Benefits

DNS Blast is a purpose-built hardened security appliance combining the world’s fastest DNS cache appliance with the most advanced built-in security features to intelligently protect against the largest spectrum of DNS threats. It has capability of sustaining extreme load, helping improve user experience, simplify architecture and strengthen protection against DNS attack types such as DDoS.

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Mitigate Extreme Volumetric DDoS Attacks

World’s fastest DNS cache appliance – up to 17 million queries per second (QPS).

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Deliver The Most Advanced DNS Security Features

Includes DNS Guardian, DNS Firewall, DNS Client Query Filtering, and Hybrid DNS Engine.

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Simplify Network Design to Reduce TCO

Simplified architecture eliminates numerous redundant clusters, balancers and firewalls.

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Improve User Experience and Resiliency

Deploy highly-scalable DNS services closest to clients, bringing ultra-low latency.

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Protect Revenue

Detect and block illegitimate web communication hidden in DNS traffic.

Volumetric Attacks: Mitigate DDoS attacks with DNS Blast Videos

Uncover the final chapter in our educational series on malicious hacking! Join us in this insightful video where we delve into the intricacies of protecting users and infrastructures against DNS-based malware. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the threats and vulnerabilities associated with DNS, and discover effective strategies to fortify your defenses.


Watch the DNS Security series here.

The frequency of volumetric DNS attacks is increasing rapidly, amplified by unsecured IoT devices, mobility and BYOD. DNS service is one of the most targeted application-layers, specifically for layer 7 DDoS attacks. However, the majority of organizations still rely on traditional enterprise network security solutions such as firewalls, which are not designed for the DNS protocol. New DDoS mitigation techniques must therefore be deployed. Only purpose-built DNS protection offering both high performance and advanced analytics can efficiently and proactively strengthen business continuity, data confidentiality and user experience to the level your company deserves.

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Request A Demo of DNS Blast

See DNS Blast in action with a demo of our 360º DNS security suite.

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Prevent illegitimate use of DNS services from malicious actors, establishing non-charged communication hidden within the DNS traffic, consuming ISP’s bandwidth and impacting revenue. DNS Blast real-time DNS analytics enables “on the fly” detection of DNS tunneling or attempts to exfiltrate data over DNS queries - without impacting service performance. Thanks to patented adaptive countermeasures, the risk of false positives is practically eliminated while service continuity is ensured even when the source of a DDoS attack is unidentifiable.

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Assess Your DNS Risk

In order to help you better understand the usage context and behavior of your DNS clients, EfficientIP offers a free assessment involving expert analysis of real DNS traffic.

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