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DDI Solutions for NetOps

Cutting-edge DDI solutions for NetOps enable network automation to improve Network Operations efficiency.

Ddi Solutions for Netops

Network Operations: Overcoming Complexity with Cutting-Edge DDI Solutions

Network Operations (NetOps) is crucial for managing and optimizing network infrastructure to ensure seamless functionality. But NetOps professionals often encounter challenges ranging from complex management tasks to ensuring high availability, scalability, and security. DDI Solutions for NetOps play a pivotal role in addressing these challenges.


EfficientIP's DDI solutions provide a unified platform for DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management, bringing full visibility, streamlining processes, and enhancing overall network efficiency. Organizations worldwide across all verticals have benefitted from the agility provided to simplify management, eliminate misconfigurations, and accelerate service deployment on their multi-cloud networks.

Ddi Solutions for Netops

Simplify Network Management for Time Savings and Error-Free Configurations

EfficientIP simplifies network management by providing unparalleled single-viewpoint visibility into network activities across on-premise as well as multi-cloud, facilitating error-free configurations and minimizing downtime. Productivity for your IT teams is increased thanks to intelligent policy-driven deployment automation, and unused resources can be easily identified to optimize costs. By making use of a DDI solution which integrates DNS, DHCP and IPAM functionalities, NOC and NetOps teams will benefit from proven time savings of up to 80%.

Ddi Solutions for Netops

Use DDI as a Network Automation Hub to Enhance Efficiency

Zero-touch provisioning based on source of truth data from DDI, a comprehensive set of APIs, and seamless integrations with third-party tools empower your NetOps teams to automate routine or advanced tasks. This intelligent automation not only accelerates processes but also ensures consistency and reduces the risk of human error. EfficientIP Network Automation Hub seamlessly integrates with a variety of technologies from the IT ecosystem (ITSM, CMDB, Cloud Orchestrators…), helping simplify lifecycle management of core network objects, streamline NetOps workflows, and speed up rollout of new devices, apps, and services.

Ddi Solutions for Netops

DDI Observability to Optimize Network Performance

NetOps can benefit from centralized DDI observability that offers real-time insights into how DDI and DNS services are performing. DDI Observability Center enables simplified monitoring, quick anomaly detection, and effective troubleshooting. Our DDI solutions for NetOps allow operational teams to easily optimize network performance and enhance operational efficiency, as well as helping your SecOps team strengthen overall network security.

Ddi Solutions for Netops

Ultra-High Availability Architecture to Strengthen Network Resilience

The EfficientIP DDI solution provides dynamic, integrated management of IPAM with DNS and DHCP services in a single process, simplified with reliable SmartArchitectureTM  templates. This allows network operations teams to enforce corporate policies and ensure compliance. Network resilience across the enterprise is enhanced through consistency in configurations and high availability (HA) architecture. NetOps professionals can rely on these features to minimize service disruptions, thereby ensuring a more robust and reliable network infrastructure.

Ddi Solutions for Netops

Easy Scalability to Adapt to Evolving Network Demands

EfficientIP's DDI solution is designed for scalability, allowing NetOps teams to meet the growing demands of their expanding multi-cloud networks. SOLIDserver DDI enables fast deployment of core network services, wherever and whenever you want. This quick adaptation offers you the responsive and agile infrastructure you need to handle your ever-changing network requirements.

Ddi Solutions for Netops

Deploy Policies Using DDI to Strengthen Network Security

Security is paramount in NetOps. By utilizing DNS as a security control, NetOps teams can foster collaboration with SecOps in order to quickly identify and remediate cyberthreats, thus better protecting users, devices, and apps. EfficientIP DDI reinforces network security by enforcing security policies at the DNS and IP address levels. Additionally, our DNSSEC (DNS Security Extensions) suite strengthens DNS protocol security. This proactive approach safeguards against potential threats and prevents unauthorized access, ensuring a secure environment for your critical business operations.

Ddi Solutions for Netops

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See firsthand how EfficientIP DDI simplifies management and enhances overall efficiency of your networks.

The Benefits of EfficientIP Solutions for NetOps

EfficientIP stands at the forefront of DDI innovation, empowering NetOps teams to streamline operations, build resilient, secure, and scalable network infrastructures, and optimize performance:

Streamlined Network Management
Streamlined Network Management

Error-free life-cycle management of on-prem and cloud resources

Increased Network Automation and Efficiency
Increased Network Automation and Efficiency

Zero-touch provisioning to speed up deployment of apps and services

Enhanced Network Resilience
Enhanced Network Resilience

HA architecture and consistent configurations via policy enforcement

Icon chain
Elastic Scalability

Agile deployment of core networking services to handle future growth

Heightened Security Posture
Heightened Security Posture

Security policy deployment for enhanced access control

“Critical apps can now be switched in 10 minutes with API and script, instead of 2 hours with a manual GUI. Implementing the well-proven SOLIDserver DDI solution has simplified DNS management and guaranteed high availability of DNS services to ensure business continuity.”

Olivier Laigle, Societe Generale

Deputy Head of Server Operating Systems

"What makes the DDI product so powerful is the massive simplification of processes and administration”

Michael Jagla, GKV Informatik

IT Architect

"On our previous system, I spent a day configuring various elements. With the Efficient IP solution I achieved this in a few minutes. The ability to automate functionality as a fully supported part of the product, further enhances flexibility.”

Paul Toyne, De Montfort University

Senior Technical Analyst

DDI Solutions for STMicroelectronics

“The up-to-date data and meta-data provided by SOLIDserver makes it a key starting point for our DevOps and NetSecOps journeys. Reliability has been improved as critical operations are now based on accurate information.”

Aldo de Luca, STMicroelectronics

Network Solutions Services Manager

“The integrated DDI automation and flexibility provided by EfficientIP allows us to be more efficient in managing our DDI, while ensuring the maximum performance and availability of related services for users. This unification has reduced the number of errors made during the configuration phases by over 30%.”

Gilles Bruno, University of Grenoble

DNS Administrator

DDI solutions for Roland Garros

I was very interested by the ability of SOLIDserver to manage DNS and DHCP at the same time, even managing Microsoft DHCP in overlay - it brings a single point of management to the team.”

Franck Labat, Roland Garros

Chief Technical Officer

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