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DNS Intelligence Center

DNS Threat Intelligence Insights for Active Threat Detection and Investigation

DNS Intelligence Center offers actionable, near-real-time DNS analytics, viewable from a cloud-based portal, empowering SOCs to leverage DNS threat intelligence.

DNS Intelligence Center (DNS IC) Key Benefits

Unified cloud-based portal offering near-real-time visibility over analyzed and categorized DNS Traffic at a glance.

Enhanced Visibility over Traffic Intent
Enhanced Visibility over Traffic Intent

Actionable analytics leveraging internet-scale and contextual data.

Icon radar
Easier Detection of Threats

DNS traffic matched with DNS Threat Intelligence data feed to early detect threats and accelerate RCA.

Threat Intelligence Notes
Improved Security Decision-Making

Accurate risk scoring and IOCs, eliminate false positives, increase operational efficiency.

Threat Intelligence Blast
Accelerated Threat Remediation

Qualified security events automatically shared with ecosystem for a more integrated security infrastructure.

Threat Intelligence Cost
Cost Optimization

Resource and time savings brought by highly scalable infrastructure and improved operational efficiency.

DNS Intelligence Center Overview Video

Watch the exclusive DNS Intelligence Center overview video to understand how enhanced network visibility combined with DNS-centric Threat Intelligence allows you to assess risks at a glance:

  1. Detect threats early
  2. Investigate efficiently
  3. Make the right decision

Join us as we explore the key features and capabilities of the EfficientIP DNS Intelligence Center, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize the way you protect your network against DNS-based attacks.

IDC 2023 Global DNS Threat Report

“By leveraging DNS threat intelligence data, organizations can gain deeper insights into potential threats and take proactive steps to mitigate risk, making DNS a key component of any comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.”

Romain Fouchereau, IDC

Security Analyst - IDC 2023 Global DNS Threat Report

Cyber threat intelligence has emerged as a pivotal aspect of cybersecurity defense, with 60% of organizations considering it vital (IDC 2023 Threat Report). DNS traffic contains data on user behavior and intent, to offer proactive defense. With DNS-centric Threat Intelligence, your security team can detect and investigate malicious intent and behavior as early as possible.


Leveraging EfficientIP’s DNS expertise, DNS IC offers insightful, actionable, and reliable near-real-time DNS analytics, viewable from a cloud-based portal. From this, SOCs can use DNS threat intelligence to proactively defend against any cyber threats. DNS IC enables two main functions: 1) Easily detect threats by matching DNS feed domain names with DNS traffic to accelerate and automate decision-making 2) Efficiently investigate Domain Names by browsing IoC and Risk Scores to quickly assess threat potential.

Dns Threat Intelligence Process Behind Dns Intelligence Center

DNS Intelligence Center Demo Video

Watch the demo video to learn how DNS Intelligence Center helps you identify suspicious domain names. Explore advanced insights on the solution. Join us as we explore the key features and capabilities of the EfficientIP DNS Intelligence Center.


Video Highlights

  • View suspicious domains via Interactive Threat Intelligence Dashboards
  • Smart Risk Assessment using Indicators of Compromise
  • Example Investigation: Cybersecurity Phishing Site

With DNS Intelligence Center, you can easily detect malicious intent earlier. This is made possible thanks to matching of your organization’s DNS traffic statistics with our powerful DNS Threat Intelligence database.


The unique matching system compares your DNS statistics against comprehensive, categorized, and active threats and classifies occurrences accordingly. From the interactive dashboard, you can zoom in or out to check hits over a selected period of time and get a detailed breakdown per hit, domain, category or DNS server.

Dns Threat Intelligence Dns Intelligence Center Dashboards

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DNS Intelligence Center

Experience the DNS Intelligence Center in action through a brief and engaging live demonstration with an EfficientIP Network Security expert.

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