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Infoblox Replacement by EfficientIP

EfficientIP is your top Infoblox alternative with risk-free DNS, DHCP & IPAM Migration.

Infoblox Replacement by Efficientip

Migration Projects By Your Peers

Free Yourself from the Complexity

Free yourself from the complexity & cost of your current DDI vendor!

  • Frustrated with complex administration and siloed management of your appliances and configurations?
  • Finding it difficult to cope with a mishmash of too many function-specific appliances?
  • Are your DDI licensing costs spiraling out of control?
  • Upgrades always a big headache for you?
  • Looking for higher agility to better fit with your processes and policies?
  • Need a higher level of flexibility for your IPAM?


There’s a simple way to free yourself from the complexity and cost of your current DDI solution. Switch to a solution that allows you to scale effortlessly – EfficientIP SOLIDserver™ DDI.

Seamless, Risk-free Migration from Infoblox to EfficientIP DDI

EfficientIP has the expertise, the experience, and the technology to help businesses transition smoothly from Infoblox DDI. There’s no need to change your current way of working- we just make things more simple for you. Our Professional Services Team, which includes many former Infoblox employees, is made up of some of the best DDI experts in the industry.


They’ve performed numerous successful migrations and deployments for customers worldwide, and are ready to design, migrate, test, implement and deploy your new and improved DDI solution.
EfficientIP’s customer-driven culture ensures we understand your business objectives and are committed to making your move easy and error-free.

Seamless Risk free Migration

Contact a migration expert from EfficientIP

Follow your peers, get off the Infoblox Grid and migrate to a DDI solution offering simple cost effective architecture.

"Technically, the easy option would have been to carry on with Infoblox as it would have been a straight upgrade, but financially it made sense to go with EfficientIP. Their DDI solution was three times cheaper and more feature-rich."
- Justin Mitchell, Network Engineer, Manchester Metropolitan University

Talk with a DDI consultant to exchange on your project and discover our proven migration methodology.

Top 10 Reasons to Move to SOLIDserver DDI

Moving to EfficientIP’s best-of-breed integrated DDI solution will future-proof your infrastructure by bringing:

Lower TCO

Lower TCO by simplifying your architecture, with all-in-one server

Simplified Management

Simplified management of DDI resources with intuitive and consistent GUI across all products

Easy to Understand

Easy-to-understand licensing costs

No Capacity Limitations

No hard database capacity limitation

Enhanced Agility

Enhanced agility for stress-free upgrades and mass data management

Comprehensive Functionality

Comprehensive functionality such as RPZ and reporting built into core product

Flexible IPAM

Flexible IPAM with actionable metadata for advanced policy enforcement

Extensible API

Extensible APIs for smooth IT ecosystem integration

Intuitive Solution

Intuitive solution with short learning-curve

Granular and Simple

Granular and simple rights delegation to non-expert administrators

Visual representation of a DDI Education Manchester Metropolitan University

“From start to finish, it has been a painless upgrade. We were working with EfficientIP’s knowledgeable and competent engineers who have helped us at every turn.”

Justin Michell

Network Engineer, Manchester Metropolitan University

“We needed a solution that could support all of our facilities together, on Linux, onsite. Our current solution was also becoming far too expensive to maintain.”

Daniel Erlendson

IT Manager, Nevada Department of Corrections

“I would like to especially thank [EfficientIP] for the technical support given during both the DNS and DHCP projects for our company.”

Nayomi De Silva

Project Manager, Dialog Axiata

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When our goal is to help companies face the challenges of modern infrastructures and digital transformation, actions speak louder than words.

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